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The Presence Band is a rubber bracelet that you can wear and SNAP on your wrist to help focus on the PRESENT MOMENT.

wear it

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Get into the moment

You can use the presence band in all types of ways. To focus on POWERING UP or concentrating during school, sports, life etc. Or you can SNAP IT to deal with emotions and feelings...or even to help yourself self-regulate an annoying habit. Like using your phone too much or something like that. Try it! It can help bring you BACK to the present moment.

the story

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The Presence band is fun & durable version of a rubber band that I used to SNAP on my wrist to concentrate in class ðŸĪŠ and while doing things like sports or art, or trying to keep my BUSY BRAIN focused on the moment. ðŸ›ļ Basically I had ADD and used it to help overcome my wandering mind. I still use the method, you can too!

Modern Shapes Vector

peace, power, presence

The Presence Band was created by me, Cortis, and Kate was the one who made the design a reality, thanks Kate.â™Ĩïļ The green color stands for peace of mind and things that are calm and peaceful and the white stripe stands for the earthly journey. But that's just my idea at the moment, it can all mean whatever YOU Want ✌✌✌

for anybody

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The Presence Band Project started in 2009 and it's helped a bunch of kids, adults, and other people to be more peaceful ,powerful and productive in the present moment. 🔆 You can try it too.



-flexible rubber


-very durable unless it gets cut

-good for all ages but kids please don't try to eat it

-made in the USA

how you can get a p-band

Send me an email with the button below. Let me know how many presence bands you want. They are 5 bucks each including shipping. All money goes towards making some new bands.for other people to use. I am currently treating this as a defacto non-profit so hopefully your investment in presence will help spread the word to others!

After I get your email, I will send you a link to Venmo or Paypal for the Presence Bands you want and tell me your address. I'll send it to you! I have a limited supply right now, so I want to make sure everybody gets one easily and with as little fuss as possible.

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